MBA Study Trips in Bulgaria MBA Study Trips in Bulgaria - Discover the Bulgarian Success Story!
  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    for the comprehensive preparation of your MBA and EMBA Study Trip to Bulgaria

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    that provides first hand experience for MBA students with the Bulgarian culture and business environment

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    that organizes personal meetings with executives, company visits and cultural excursions

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    that will help you have a great and enjoyable time in Bulgaria! There's not another place like it anywhere else!

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    that will show you the remarkable Bulgarian growth and success story over the last 20 years!

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    that will organize your practical and informative visits to factories, offices and successful recent investments by various local and foreign investors

  • It is MBA Trips Bulgaria

    From its sandy beaches to its stunning mountains, Bulgaria is blessed with more than its fair share of natural resources. Let us show you the best of Bulgaria!

  • Discover Bulgaria with us!

    Beautiful in nature, unique historically, rich culturally and hot economically, Bulgaria has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting investment locations in Europe today!

 Comprehensive Organization of MBA and EMBA Study Trips in Bulgaria
Why select Bulgaria for your MBA Study Trip Your Bulgarian Study Trip Bulgarian Trip Organization Service

Our program offers carefully prepared, productive, practical, interesting and enjoyable educational tours to Bulgaria for undergraduate, MBA and EMBA students who wish to gain hands on understanding of business in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and the European Union. We offer the participants the opportunity to best experience Bulgaria's business development and practices first-hand through lectures, corporate presentations and corporate visits throughout Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has experienced remarkable growth over the last 15 years. It still offers some of the lowest business costs and taxes in all of the European Union. The Bulgarian government has also been very prudent with its finances and the country enjoys remarkable macroeconomic stability even in today's turbulent times. Students can learn first-hand from the many investment success stories that have developed in Bulgaria over the last 20 years. It is not by chance that some of the world's largest and finest companies have chosen Bulgaria as their primary investment destination.

In addition to its successful business case, Bulgaria also offers an unforgettable experience! You will discover a country that is beautiful in nature, unique historically, and rich culturally, that has quickly emerged as one of the most exciting investment locations in Europe today!

"Bulgaria is poised for strong economic growth and rapid development of key new markets in the coming years. Because of its fiscal responsibility and stable investment climate, the country offers very appealing investment and business development opportunities."

Ivan Jeliazkov
Associate Professor of Economics and Statistics, University of California, Irvine

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